Learn Noongar at home with Nan Roma Winmar, Kylie Bracknell, and Rubeun Yorkshire.

These webisodes are in Noongar only, to give you the maximum opportunity to practice listening to spoken Noongar. You can look up any words you don’t know in the wordlist.

We want your feedback! Watch the webisodes and then take the survey so that we can make more great Noongar language videos. More information can be found about the survey here.


Noongar Djert (1) – learn about birds in Noongar

Noongar Djert (2) – learn more about birds in Noongar

Woorala Noongar (1) – learn about elements in Noongar

Woorala Noongar (2) – learn more about elements in Noongar

Noongar yarn – listen to a little yarn in Noongar

These webisodes have been supported by funding made available for the COVID-19 Research Projects 2020 by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, State Government of Western Australia.