Koorlangka Karaoke

Noongar children’s songs with Nan Roma Yibiyung Winmar


Learn Noongar at home with us


A yarn about a Scottish King retold – coming soon!

On-Country Performance

About the Restoring on-Country Performance project

Word List

Noongar-English wordlist with historical variations

Songs Map

Coming soon!

Ecomusicology Symposium

Recorded as part of the Musicological Society of Australia (WA Chapter) annual conference, held at Edith Cowan University, November 2021


Performed at Fremantle Biennale Festival, 2021

Noongar Wonderland

Performed at Perth Festival 2022

Miago Songs

Composed by Clint Bracknell based on George Grey’s account of songs about Miago, performed by singer-songwriter Gina Williams and guitarist Guy Ghouse at Heritage Perth 2021

Meeting Place

Performed at Fremantle Biennale Festival, 2021.

Restoring on-Country Performance is funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Indigenous grant IN200100012. This project has human ethics approval from Edith Cowan University (Ref: 2020‐01096‐BRACKNELL).

We are guided by the Australia Council for the Arts Protocols for using First Nations Cultural & Intellectual Property in the Arts