Mayakeniny – Noongar Songs and Dances

Songs and dances are a vital, vibrant part of Noongar culture and heritage. Discover new Noongar songs and dances by clicking on the links below

Yornan (bobtail)

Kworlak (bullshark)

Baamba (stingray)

Dwerdawanart (dolphin)

Woordawort (dragonfly)

Demangka (groundwater)


Noongar Songs:
Noongar songs, often referred to as “yarns” or “corroborees,” serve multiple purposes within the community. They recount the Dreamtime stories, which are fundamental to Noongar cosmology and explain the creation of the land and its features. These songs are also used for educational purposes, teaching the younger generations about their cultural identity, values, and connection to the land. Noongar songs are accompanied by various musical instruments, including clapsticks and the didgeridoo, enhancing the auditory and spiritual experience.

Noongar Dances:
Noongar dances are a vibrant and expressive form of cultural storytelling, using intricate body movements, gestures, and facial expressions to convey narratives. The dances often depict animals, the elements, or events from Dreamtime stories, portraying the Noongar people’s deep connection to the natural world. Each dance carries specific meanings, and participants wear traditional attire adorned with symbolic elements, adding visual richness to the performance.