pant, to pant


ngaan, ngaain : pant, to; panting (Jakbum, Wabbinyet; Bates XXII B, 3a)
ngā-in : panting, to pant, to breathe heavily (Kaiari, Wirijan; BATES XII 2B, 8b)
ngaain, damap : pant, to, panting (Ngalbaitch; Bates XII 2B, 7a)
ngā’in damap : panting (Ngalbaitch; Bates XII 2B, 7a)
nga-in, nut nyining : pant, to, panting (Notum, Wirijan, Kaiar; Bates XII 2B, 8a)
ŋaa- : to breath, exhale, blow with mouth, yawn (Von Brandenstein 1988: 32)