--Body parts---B-



back, backbone, grave


boogal, ngoler : back (Indar, Joowel, Baiungan; Bates XII 2B, 1b)
bugalăng gul : behind go (Jakbăm, Bumblefoot; Bates XII 2B, 3b)
bukal, bugal : back (bukal-kal-nyini = the fire was in his back) (Kaiari, Wirijan; BATES XII 2B, 8b)
boogal kwej : back-bone (Ngalbaitch; Bates XII 2B, 7a)
bugal, bukal : back (Ngalbaitch; Bates XII 2B, 7a)
bugal kwej : backbone (Ngalbaitch; Bates XII 2B, 7a)
boka:l : back ((Innell, C; Tindale, N 1939))
pogalai̱rdin : back coming (Charlie Dabb; von Brandenstein 1970)
puaggall : a back, spine, a grave mound (Von Brandenstein 1988: 55)
puaggallaityiny : letting it (come) on/over the back (Von Brandenstein 1988: 55)
puagal : bent down, down, on the ground, stooped (Von Brandenstein 1988: 56)
puagal quull : to go down (Von Brandenstein 1988: 56)
puagal taandaŋiny : climbing down (Von Brandenstein 1988: 56)